Tuesday, December 2, 2008


After a 8 hour plane rife to the city me and the fam stumbled of the plane; grabed our luggage and made our way through a hectic south american airport. That was a mission in itself! So then we grabbed a bus/taxi and jumped in and drove to the ¨Inca Lodge¨ where we are now. BY the time we managed to settle in it was close to 2 oclock so we all decided it was time to get some sleep after the stressful day of taxis,planes and their anxious passengers. The next morning we ate some toast and drank some delicious peruvian coffee. After our quick breakfast we grabbed and went on a exploration of some of this very large city.After grabbing some groceries we headed back to our hostal room tired of walking we ate a beautiful lunch. we met some really neat travelers staying in the same hostal! some have been traveling for more than a year touring everywhere from the UK to southeast asia. they shared some advice and some entertaining traveling stories. later on that day we jumped into another taxi and drove downtown Lima saw an amazingly large and beautiful catholic church. (which we got great photos of but sadly cant upload them untill we reach our next stop in cusco)
Anyway i better call it a night we all have a 3 in the morning wake up call (knock on the door) We all hope everything is going well in Vermont! goodnight.

Ian and the rest og the Townsend Fam.

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Wendy Hoffman Farrell said...

I didn't catch up with you before you left, but know that I had a hug for each of you - I'll save it until I see you again. SO glad you made it to Peru and can't thank you enough for sharing your adventures - very inspiring. It's the next best thing to me calling Deb saying "WHY am I homeschooling???"
love much,
wendy hf