Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sorry i thought i posted it last night

first day in the boys orphanage!

Today was fun!! we woke up did our school work and went out exploring then we went to this great place for lunch called "two nations" the young man that owns it is from austrailia he..s super nice and suggestive! been there twice soo far, because the fgood is amazing and his family is always nice and welcoming. after lunch we headed to meet jermey (he takes care of both the girlñ and boys orphanage) today we just were able to work with the boys orphanage hmmm i wouldnt really call it working we (ian and matt) just hungout and played futbol haha it was such a great time. of course all of them were incredible at the sport haha and tomorrow we get to help out again but this time we teach english and then soccer haha okay time for sleep goodnight love and miss you all!

ian and the rest of the townsend fam


Anonymous said...

Glad to finally get your blog. Great to keep up on your latest adventures. We will keep following here in the great Detroit!

all7dwrfs said...

I'm glad you are all having a great time! I can't wait to see some pics. Be safe! Grandma and grandpa are watching the blog everyday too. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Friday 12/12/08

Our First Snow Day!

Can you imagine that from where you are now?

Enjoy the sun on your faces while we feel the snow and wind in ours.


Anonymous said...

Great hearing from you yesterday. Plkease send us a list of the type and sizes of clothes that the orphanage kids could use and we'll start to collect them. Also.. see if you can email us a picture of the kids.. That will be great to have whn we do the clothing drive. Talk to you all soon !
-john and diane