Friday, May 29, 2009

Sorry about not posting, we have been having some technical difficulties aka... the people up stairs don't like us and so they cut our WiFI.

The past few dayss...

We booked our flight to New Zealand!! Leaving July 1st.
We have been doing schoolwork, schoolwork, and... oh shocker moreeee schoolwork!!
Yesterday was Sam Cohn's birthday we all miss and love him so much and were thinking about you Cohn's. Sorry that the wifi cut just as we were starting to talk.
Speaking of of Birthdays... Papa's (Barrys) is tomorrow!! Its going to be super weird not being with him ..more like its gonna suck not being with him.
Last night Hannah, Matt, and Ian went to tango lessons and had soo much fun, the boys are practically pro at it ! Ha-ha-ha

Ok here is a little info on our trip to Uruguay last week

We took a giant beautiful ferry over from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay. We spent the day and night there and then moved on to Montevideo for the day . Those places are NOTHING alike. We absolutely loved Colonia , but not so much Montevideo.

Colonia is the oldest town in Uruguay founded in 1680 by Porugal .
These are pictures of Colonia..