Sunday, May 24, 2009


Heyyyy!!! So we have been pretty busy the past few weeks. We hit the Iguazu Falls, Uruguay, and tons moree!
Everything is great here. The kids birthdays just passed their 17 and 19!!
Hannah started tango lessons and loved it so we are all going to pick it up this week!

We went to the Iguazu Falls for two days, absolutely gorgeous!!!! Our favorite movie, The Mission (Robert De Niro) was filmed there. The falls, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina were found in 1542 by Alvar Nunez. The "Caingangues" indians were the first to live there.

We were only able to do the Argentina side; here are some pictures...

Click the picture for a little better quality.

We posted a video on the side of Matt and Ians skate edit. Check it outtt!!

Posting pictures from Uruguay tomorrow!!

We miss you soooooo much
love the Townsend's!


nikolina100 said...

wow!! It looks gorgeous there!!
Also, ummmm Deb, are you shrinking?
The boys are TOWERING over you!!
Miss you Love you!

Anonymous said...

I had the same thought...Hannah and Deb are shrinking.

Thanks for the great pictures. I know the effort putting them in.

I LOVE the Uruguay Falls video. What a nice birthday tribute to Sam. You guys are awesome.

Love to all of you....diane