Saturday, December 20, 2008


hmmmm... today we went to the mega mart it was as big as the bridge street cafe ha! after going back to the hostal to eat some fooodzz me( ian) and matt went to the church all the way at the top over looking the city to play futbol. its pretty intresting they're doing some excavating in the church because it was built over an old Incan temple! What they think happened was that the spanish after they conquered cusco built over these incan temples on purpose to ruin their culture and/or because they thought were the temples sat was holy. okay..anyway after some soccer matt and i went with aussie matt to the molina outdoor market. it had everything!! it was soooooo big we got a couple of movies which were 3 soles each which is 1 dollar! and we also go a skype phone!! soo its easier to chat!! anyway it was a pretty easy goin day. we're gonna call it a night.

love you all, ciao!

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Leigh and Claire said...

Hi Guys,

Claire and I have been following your posts. Sounds as though you are having a wonderful time and getting great experience.

Will write more soon.

Love, Leigh and Claire