Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First day in cusco

woke up today at the sound of the hostal manager knocking on our room door at 3 in the moring telling us that our taxi had finally arrived. so we quickly packed up our back packs and jumped in. we made it on to our flight with time to spare. time to sleep we thought, but the sight of the gorgeous ande mountains kept us wide awake, truly breath taking! after we touched down in cusco , peru where we were picked by the hostal bus and taken to the ¨hospedije¨ hostal. where we will be staying for a month to come.after a long long nap we decided to explore the sity square which was full of beautiful churchs and gardens. we took some great photos but i am not sure if we can upload them yet because we have to use an internet cafe which is a bummer cause it truly is beautiful down here! oh well hopefully we can figure it out soon.
anyway sorry for the shortish blog (im using an internet cafe and my time is running up) miss everyone soo much!

we send our love from Ian and the rest of townsend fam


Caroline said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy congratulations on your first destination :-) miss you tooooooo !

nikolina100 said...

oh awesome! I can' wait to see the pictures!!

Extra hugs & kisses to everyone!