Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey everyone !
We are in the new hostel .
Nothing great has been happening here.
We have been going to the market everyday to get fresh fruit and bread.
We have also been hanging out with a family that owns a delicious restaurant called 2 nations . They have three adorable kids , we take the older two to the market with us just so they can get out of the restaurant a bit and we really enjoy their company.
Playing soccer a lot.
Thats about it .

We have been getting emails from Brittiny . She seems to really love Chile. Her and grandma Townsend should be coming up here in a few weeks . Cant wait !!

We miss you all !
Let us know how VT,MI, and everywhere else is .


caroline said...

hey chicos and chicas. como estas la vida en Peru? bien? bueno. y como estas vosotros espanol? ;-) take it all in guys as much as you can - soon you'll be in another country and looking back on Peru as part of memories. if you miss us - just think of all of us living in a freezer! that should do the trick ;-)muchos besos xxx

Anonymous said...

you guys sound like you're having much more fun than in michigan. We just got dumped on with snow and now have about a foot. Great for snowboarding but not much else. Miss you all and wish to see you soon!!

i'm really gunna miss having someplace to go mid winter break

much love and hope everything is going great!
Kathryn Wellein