Friday, November 14, 2008

Kids learning on Roatan

Last night we went to a fund raiser. The "Expats." were raising money for the local schools. Here on the island there are 32,000 children of school age, only 8,000 have been attending school. Things have improved, but just in the last year. A new school with six class rooms has been built and there was 600 kids in uniform lined up the first day of school. Only there was a problem only half the school had a roof, the kids didn't care. They have also set up E/learning centers the size of a small bedroom for year round learning. The kids that want to learn sign up for a hour a day and if they are late they miss their turn.


SthAklTeacher said...

Wow. Do they have a website or wikispace somewhere?
Liz Douglas

nikolina100 said...

Awwww, hey guys!!!
Congrats on the start of your ridiculously awesome new adventure!!!!!!
We are now a "followers of the Townsend Travel blog" and am looking forward to seeing all your pictures & blogs.
We love you all lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skye & Nikki