Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last few minutes..

Last night in our house has been a very hectic and emotional one .
Its not so much the house we are going to miss... its the memories in it.
Birthdays, Christmases, Sam, etc.
We have loved every moment that everyone has spent with us here, and wish we could continue with it, but its time for us to move on ( I know i know its taken at least 5 years, but these have been the most memorable 5 years. It was worth staying)
We cant help thinking back to all of the parties/get togethers, wood stacking party ...morgans and then ians surprise bithday parties, THANKSGIVING! Haha
This may sound corny but we would absolutely love it if whoever read this would share a memory they had here with us , you can leave it in a comment !

Time to take off. Thanks for reading ,
Love, the Townsends!


Anonymous said...

I liked seeing the snow block the second floor window.

I liked hearing stories of kids jumping into snow banks.

I liked seeing pictures of Sam and hearing of all your adventures. He so loved being in your house.

I liked our all-girls sleepover...and those silly boys trying to raid the party.

Mostly I will always treasure our memories, tears and laughs shared within your walls.

Blessings and love from diane

Caroline said...

hiyaaaaaaaaa ...

wow you guys are *ON THE ROAD*. i will follow you with *MUCH* jealousy and will try and crash your party as often as time and money permits. HA!

memories huh? too many really and love them all. thank *YOU* for always being great hosts and hostesses. i love you all big manys. travel safe and enjoy the ride!

(PS and lucky for you - now you might even be able to tell people you are American. That's what i call good timing!)