Saturday, November 8, 2008


YES!.... we finally made it to the house in Roatan! We started in boston where we stayed the night then left in the morning. then we flew to miamithen got on another flight to san pedro, Honduras. we made it through customs to find out that we missed our flight to roatan : ( then we found a flight departing at 5:00 to la cebia (which is right next door to Roatan). so we waited and waited and waited for six hours in this tiny airport with only four employees and NO one else. so we took pictures and tossed a hacky sack around. then six hours later we were told that our plane was ready and we got on this plane that was no bigger than our suburban! It was a great flight over looking the coast of honduras when we landed we took a cab to " Grand hotel paris". In the morning we at breakfest and talked with another group of people from New York they explained that they were big travelers and shared some great stories! He also told us that " it isn't about who goes where but who has the best Adventure stories who wins in the end" i thought that was great. Anyway its getting late down here and we all have a huge day in front of us (3 dives)
which should be a blast! We miss everyone already! we will keep up with the blog as much as possible. Goodnight everyone. :]


Caroline said...

Hey - this is fun ;-p travelling via you guys. cheaper too.

agreed best story wins - make sure to keep a diary. my friend Shannon and I spent last Friday night telling each other our most crazy frightning travelling stories while sipping cocktails at the Viceroy bar in Santa Monica. we were crying from laughters. we'll do the same one day!

go team Townsend!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to come visit you wherever you guys are. Being able to share all those memories with you has been so unbelievable. I will never forget everything you did for everyone while you were here. You changed us all (even though that's cheesy it's true). I hope your trip is amazing and i love you all so much!

Anonymous said...

Miss you so much already, love,peace, jen

Wendy Hoffman Farrell said...

NObody fills that house like you guys. So so so many amazing memories. Who will continue my Cuban/salsa dance training? I can't thank you enough for sharing your travels with us. Enjoy the open hearts and souls of the people in C.A. and Honduras - can't wait to hear more!!
love much - wendy hf

johncohn said...

Hope the blog is working out for you guys. We love reading it ! Any sign of ancient cohn memorabelia in la cieba ?

Anonymous said...

love the blogs! pictures are amazing, keep on writing!
-austin kemp