Friday, September 4, 2009

hello everyone!
sorry the blog hasn't been updated since NZ. We're in Australia with Brit now. We started our trip in Sydney, rented a car and drove as far as Whitsunday stopping in lots of surf towns to explore. The lifestyle of the people on the small East coast towns seems pretty laid back. In Byron Bay we all got surf lessons. Mom was the Photographer. She did a good job. At Airlie Beach we snorkeled and dove the Great Barrier Reef. Amazing! Today we visited the Australia Zoo. Also unbelievable. We're now in Brisbane awaiting our flight that will take us to Bali for three weeks! Australia is expensive to 5 people backpacking. why? because they can be. Beautiful and rare sights over every hill, around every corner. It truly is an unique and beautiful country.

Must go and must sees in Australia:

Emerald Beach
Byron Bay
The Great Barrier Reef
Australia Zoo *

I'm sure there are MANY more.

photos on the way

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nikolina100 said...

can't wait to see the pics :)